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News-AOKU High Definition Encoder

Auther:Update:2013-12-17 14:41:39

1) By using the most advanced video compression standard H264-HP (high profile) to achieve a high-resolution and low bit-rates。

2) Support variety of network access methods (DHCP, PPPoE and fixed IP)

3) Equipped with multiple video input interfaces (HDMI, SDI, VGA, CVBS etc.) and can automatically adapt for the various input signals.

4)Support embedded audio input interfaces (HDMI and SDI) and also support analog composite video, stereo sound, And audio volume can be adjusted。

5) Video and Audio bit rate can be adjusted. Audio: 100Kpbs to 20Mbps; Video: 32K, 64K, 128K, 256K

6) Support unicast, multicast and broadcast transmission and also support a variety streaming media protocol(UDP, RTSP, HTTP, HLS, TS etc.); It can push live stream directly to many streaming media servers, like Flash Media Server、Aoku Media Server、RED5 and so on; Played by the a variety player(Windows Media Player, Flash Player, VLC etc.)



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